DisruptiveHASCD is excited to partner with nationally recognized educator Eric Sheninger to provide his asynchronous online PD course focused around his best-selling book Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms
When educators are asked what type of support they need the overwhelming response is “time”. Now more than ever educators need and deserve high quality, research-aligned, and evidence-based professional learning where time becomes an asset as opposed to an impediment. The solution lies in asynchronous courses where content and concepts are chunked into manageable pieces supported with artifacts of evidence, through-provoking questions, and action-oriented tasks to foster real change, now. 
Broken into four modules, the course leverages content from the book, insight from thousands of school visits, practical strategies, research, lessons from the pandemic, and examples from classrooms to assist educators in transforming their practice. The four modules are:
  1. Rethinking “normal”
  2. Rethinking learning
  3. Rethinking the learner
  4. Rethinking our mindset
Each module contains two (2) presentation video segments that introduce content and concepts with practical examples to illustrate how the strategies can be implemented in any environment. To inspire reflection and action leading to growth educators will find an array of activities within the modules including:
·     Pertinent readings
·     Video clips for analysis
·     Question sets
·     Disruptive challenges
·     Activities
You are provided with all the items listed above to create your own standalone course in the learning management system (LMS) that you currently use such as Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc. that can be scaled school-wide no matter how many staff you currently have employed. While the book is not needed per se to take the course, it is highly recommended as it dives deeper into many of the concepts presented. 
While the course itself is estimated to take forty (40) hours to complete all the tasks within each module, you have the freedom to adapt as needed. The cost is $4999 per school, payable to HASCD with a purchase order. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive everything to set up your course. Bulk order of Eric’s book “Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms” is also available for purchase. 
If you are interested in signing your school up for this opportunity, simply contact us HERE with your information.
This course focuses on our HASCD efforts to provide professional development focused on well-rounded education for students.