HASCD is the Hawai‘i Affiliate of ASCD, a global community comprising 125,000 members — teachers, principals, superintendents, and advocates in more than 138 countries — dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. While HASCD is its own entity working to enrich teaching and learning in Hawai’i, as an affiliate, HASCD works collaboratively with ASCD as part of the ASCD community to foster common values and goals.


HASCD is a dynamic community of educators who learn together to help all children of Hawai‘i thrive in diverse educational settings.


HASCD acts as a catalyst to stimulate and strengthen learning, teaching, and leadership for the success of all learners.


Fundamental to Hawai‘i ASCD is our concern for people individually and collectively.

  • We believe that each individual’s dignity, uniqueness, capability, and innate love of learning should be cherished and encouraged.
  • We believe that diversity should be celebrated in our schools and the values of cultural pluralism and exchange should be affirmed.
  • We believe that individuals prosper in a nurturing environment which promotes growth, self renewal, and life-long learning.
  • We believe that equitable access to high quality information, ideas, and learning opportunities is key to the survival of civilization.
  • We believe that society thrives when individuals work together.

HASCD also recognizes the importance of a healthy organization.

  • We believe that strong positive relationships facilitate communication and lead to the accomplishment of organizational goals.
  • We believe that strong organizations share a culture where informed individual work toward common goals.


Membership in HASCD and ASCD is separate. You may belong to HASCD; you may belong to ASCD; or you may belong to both. But if you are an HASCD member, you are not automatically a member of ASCD. However, all HASCD members are encouraged to join ASCD.

Through your membership in HASCD, you have the opportunity to explore state and local education issues in Hawai’i, hone your leadership skills, and participate in professional development opportunities.

Contact: Jensen Ball, President – jensen.hascd@gmail.com

HASCD Board Members

  • Jensen Ball, President
  • Richard Taylor, Past President
  • Namji Steinemann, Treasurer
  • Kristin Kline, Secretary
  • Komarey Moss
  • Faith Washburn, Executive Director

HASCD follows the policies of our parent company ASCD. Interested public can find more information here

For HASCD governing documents and financial statements, please contact us with your name, phone, address and e-mail by mail at:
PO Box 30006
Honolulu, HI 96820
*Please allow 4 weeks for a response