HASCD is the Hawai‘i Affiliate of ASCD, a global community comprising 125,000 members — teachers, principals, superintendents, and advocates in more than 138 countries — dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. While HASCD is its own entity working to enrich teaching and learning in Hawai’i, as an affiliate, HASCD works collaboratively with ASCD as part of the ASCD community to foster common values and goals.

Membership in HASCD and ASCD is separate. You may belong to HASCD; you may belong to ASCD; or you may belong to both. But if you are an HASCD member, you are not automatically a member of ASCD. However, all HASCD members are encouraged to join ASCD.

Through your membership in HASCD, you have the opportunity to explore state and local education issues in Hawai’i, hone your leadership skills, and participate in professional development opportunities.

HASCD Board Members

  • Jensen Ball, President
  • Namji Steinemann, Treasurer
  • Kristin Kline, Secretary
  • Yuuko Arikawa
  • Komarey Moss
  • Faith Washburn, Executive Director